• March 3, 2023

Federal government wants to curb cash

Federal government wants to curb cash

Payments with cash are to be reduced to 5.000 euros will be limited.

What already exists in other countries is now to be introduced in Germany as well. The German Federal Government Also Wants to Limit Cash Payments. In the future, such transactions are to be subject to an upper limit of 5.000 euros apply.

Italy and France

Italy has been limiting cash payments for some time, and France also has such a regulation in place. In Italy, payments with cash over 3.000 euros banned in principle. In France there is a limit of 1.000 euros, but transactions between private individuals are excluded from the restriction.

5.000 Euro limit

In Germany, if the federal government has its way, all cash payments in future, including those between private individuals, will only be allowed up to a limit of 5.000 euros be possible.

The idea of the European central bank to abolish the 500 euro bill, strikes in the same notch.

Federal government wants to curb cash

Euro banknotes

Killing argument “terror”

This advance is justified once again with the killer argument “terror” and the fight against black money. The question must be allowed, which terrorist does his business in Germany and pays huge sums of money. And also black money dealers, who operate their business on a large scale, have long since found other ways and means to legalize their money.

In the end, this measure – as always with blind actionism – will only hit the “little people”. In the future, they will be forced to make all major transactions, such as the purchase of a car or real estate, non-cash through their account.
The banks will be pleased, they can collect so even more fees. And the secret services are probably acquiring new storage media at this very moment, in order to be able to store and monitor even more payment transactions of citizens in the future.


Because that is what it is mainly about. The monitoring of citizens is to be further perfected. Another piece of freedom is destroyed with the restriction of cash transactions.


And one must not forget. If all money in Germany exists only as virtual numbers on the account with the bank, then one can accomplish also much more easily over night an expropriation, like that in Cyprus was already made. In Spain all accounts were taxed for it.

The euro crisis is far from being over, just because it is no longer in the media. A percentage expropriation of all citizens would be an idea to solve the problem. If all money in Germany exists only as book money on the account, such a step would be done with a mouse click. Federal Minister of Finance Schäuble would have no problem with it in any case.