• March 6, 2023

Rental car of Sunny Cars

Rental cars from Sunny Cars

Test the new website and win an iPad Air or vouchers.

Landed in one of the most popular vacation region in Europe. Thousands of impressions pelt the tourists from Germany who want to spend their well-deserved vacation here. Intoxicated of the first impressions they do not want to lose a second and go finally on discovery journey. “A drivable undercarriage would be required at this point!” A rental car must be.

Sunny Cars- “Take a rental car on vacation”

But in a foreign country the precious vacation time with it to waste to go on the search for respectable rented car offerers? That would cloud the vacation pleasure immensely. There will probably be an easier way to quickly and without much effort to get a cheap rental car?

And it really exists! At least that is what Sunny Cars promises. The since 1991 existing rented car mediator with seat in Munich belongs to the largest of its kind in Europe. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg alone, Sunny Cars is active with over 25,000 partner travel agencies.
The business principle of the company with its ca. 800 employees is as simple as it is ingenious: book the rental car with all the trimmings before the start of your vacation.

The amenities of Sunny Cars

Hardly out of the plane brings one the shuttle service directly from the airport to the landlord station. There the tour with the rented car can start immediately after the handing over of the keys. But you can have your rental car waiting for you at the hotel. Just two of many possible variations of how the adventure “Discover new cultures on two wheels” can take place.

Rental cars booked immediately with Sunny Cars

Settled all this already comfortably online before vacation start. The first place to go for this is the website of the car rental company, here you can go to Sunny Cars.

At a glance, you can put together your personal “rental car package” there with all the desired additional services. Besides specifying the vacation spot and the rental period, it only takes a few clicks until you have booked your rental car. “Small print”, let alone opaque information, the renter looks in vain for at the online presence of Sunny Cars. Before booking and later conveniently paying by direct debit, credit card or PayPal, the customer can study the detailed information on the homepage in detail.

Test the new website

In doing so, it will certainly be on the banner “Try our new website!” bump that links to the new website. Newly designed and even more clearly arranged, the new website is waiting to be tested by Internet users. If you take part in the survey on the new homepage and share your opinion to make the Sunny Cars site even better, you can also win something.

It lures one Apple iPad Air 32 GB or one of two Rental car vouchers worth 300 euros respectively. 250 Euro. These are raffled among the participants of the opinion poll.

The performance check

With Sunny Cars, you don’t have to worry about anything after booking. The achievement package contained in the price can be seen in any case.

    With reimbursement of the deductible in the event of a loss
  • Reimbursement of the accident processing fee
  • Covers damage with increased liability coverage up to 7.5 million euros (in addition to the standard national liability coverage)
  • Allows you to drop off your rental car at other locations (one way renting)
  • allows cross-border trips
  • includes additional drivers

So you can save a lot of money and save your nerves, so that in the end the vacation was really relaxing.