• March 7, 2023

What Germans would do with a lottery win

What Germans would do with a lottery win

Whether money really makes you happy? Many people think they know it doesn’t. But there is one thing that many people agree on – money calms and removes existential fears, and helps to make certain dreams come true – at least the material ones. But a lot of money can also cause problems – for example, many Germans think that they would not tell everyone that they won the lottery. The fear of envy or more or less annoying supplicants is often great. But where to put all that money? With many here the reason wins – more than 50 per cent would invest the profit and invest for example in real estates. Paying off debts is also very popular – especially among women.

Big dreams are also necessary

Despite all reason – the fulfillment of big dreams is also understandably in the foreground for many. For example, many would take a big trip around the world, buy a great car or spend the money on a big shopping trip to the most luxurious boutiques in the world. A dream villa is naturally also on the agenda.

Lotto profit money rain | Photo: geralt, pixabay.com, CC0 Creative Commons

Do good with your winnings

The good news first: German citizens are not that selfish. For example, more than twelve percent of all respondents would donate to charity, and almost 40 percent of all study participants would donate a tenth of their winnings to charity. This is a very positive development in itself and can therefore be classified as a positive development. Now, of course, the question remains open as to whether this would really be the case if the winning event were to occur.

Money and relationships: Not so easy

As already mentioned at the beginning, very few people would publicly rejoice over their winnings, but would only tell their closest circle about it. However, it is interesting to note that 66 percent of relatives are excluded from the bonus. Furthermore, half of the respondents would not tell their friends about the winnings either. It goes without saying that colleagues and one’s own boss are also left out at this point. Spouses and their own children, on the other hand, would get a share of the winnings. That is reassuring after all.

As quickly becomes clear, many citizens have a great tendency to be sensible even in special situations like this, although one wonders how this would be the case in other countries. Not to forget the story of a Spanish village in which the village community won more than a hundred million euros in the “El Gordo” Christmas lottery. The entire village became filthy rich overnight – only one did not. A resident of the village had simply not participated in the gambling community.

Also, if still nobody gave him something of his profit, the one or other villager is then occasionally nevertheless “spendy” and takes over for example once a workshop calculation. But, as already said – money alone does not make happy either.