• March 7, 2023

The best German online casinos

The best German online casinos

Those who gamble on the Internet will prefer to do it in a safe and reputable environment. After all, there are numerous providers in the online casino landscape that are up to no good and where one can even speak of fraud and rip-offs. Why not? The Internet is still a partially unexplored place, with fewer regulations than anywhere else. Basically, nowadays anyone could open an online casino, whether authorized or not. For this step is ultimately up to the customer, who must find out which provider can be trusted and who works unseriously.

Strictly German providers to find, is there not so easy, especially since in the German area the online casino business is first rejected. However, with the help of licenses from the EU area, such providers can then also intervene in the German market and spoil the player with gambling, without this being illegal in any way. Therefore, in the following we want to look at German-speaking online casinos that have both a complete Internet presence in German and a customer support that speaks the language. Because this is what the player ultimately needs in German.

Best German Online Casino for Slots – Stargames

Let's talk about the favorite game of Germans, which is why this category was placed at the top of our list: Slot games. Who would be better suited to spoil its customers with colorful slots, than the Austrian game developer Novoline? At StarGames you will find hundreds of the most popular slots from Novomatic and you can test all of them for free as well as gamble with real money. The whole thing in a very serious, German-speaking and customer-friendly environment.

Best online casino for beginners – Casino Club

This online casino, completely designed in German, offers great opportunities especially for the beginner and newcomer to casino terrain to get used to a new environment and settle in quickly. One reason for this is the casino bonus, which promises the beginner 10 euros free play credit, without having to put money into the account. In addition, there is a very good customer support, which can be reached on all relevant channels (email, phone, chat). Those who really feel comfortable in the end can still access a 100% first deposit bonus of up to 250 euros and then really get started.

Best German Casino Bonus – William Hill Online Casino

Anyone who has ever read through a William Hill review will notice that this online casino is one of the really great providers. The William Hill Group owns numerous smaller online casinos in addition to its flagship and is therefore very well known and experienced when it comes to the gambling industry. In addition, the bonus offers at this provider are truly huge. The player has the opportunity to win up to 4400 euros when he registers for the first time, if he behaves correctly. This means a large starting capital, on which he can fall back afterwards. The site is completely set up in German, also the customer support offers you native-speaking competence around the clock.

Best overall package – 888Casino

Those who have read through a few casino reviews in the past will have noticed that 888Casino is always at the top of the list. This is simply because it is a really excellent provider that always convinces. Whether it's the large game offer including in-house poker room, the serious note, the great customer support or the many partnerships with trusted companies – the casino has everything your heart desires, and all that in German too.

The really good and great online casinos are nowadays mostly also callable in German. However, there are many providers with bad translations, from which you should keep your hands off right from the start. Then there are the big and reputable – our list is certainly only a small selection of the many good online casinos on the market. But with this you already have a small overview for a successful start in the online casino landscape.